J. Payette HeadshotI’ve always been a storyteller. Although my third grade teacher wasn’t impressed with my first effort, titled The Robot Rocket, I thought my typewritten story (I had to hunt and peck for a page and a half), was inspired. The rocket had a grumpy attitude and its controls and walls attacked anybody that tried to fly it. They were eventually sent flying out of the hatch. THE END!

“I’ve always been a storyteller.”
A former heavy gambler, I wrote Beat the Gambling Obsession not so much for money, but to show others how it’s possible to gamble like a normal person again. Nowhere could I find a method like the one I discovered.
“Nowhere could I find a method like the one I discovered.”
The problem of quitting for good is that it’s so dangerous. One slip and – oops! You’re sliding down the slope that leads to disaster. And you’re put off by the thought that you have to start all over again. What a lousy way to live. It’s better to make gambling work for you, like jujitsu where the opponent’s mass and weight is used against them and for you.

The novel Evil Blessing is a wickedly good story. I wrote it like a man possessed, and if you are not careful, it might possess you too. And of course, it’s hot.