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From Faustian Evangelicals selling us out for thirty pieces of silver, to Republican lackies betraying their country for fear of a tweet, Trump’s demented policies until recently encouraged the original spread of COVID-19. I blame him for sending me to the hospital. I had just written What Happens When Trump Goes to Hell, and was fearful it would forever remain locked in my computer, never read by anyone. So glad I’m not dead.

As this malfeasant president spreads his poison throughout our country, rendering enormous damage at home and destroying our reputation abroad, he squawks conspiracy theories and Corvid-19 nonsense to his gullible base, translating them into dupes an unwitting virus spreaders. On the other hand, those of us who are completely fed-up must count the days as we wait for November. Time drags.

In our entire history, not one terrible president was ejected from office. Nixon might be the exception, but don’t forget, he resigned. Obviously, our Federal Government should pass an amendment which enables an unfit president to be removed from office, regardless of political climate. Something like an independent tribunal. That won’t happen this year, but maybe the next? Or am I chasing windmills?

In July while hospitalized, I was proud to witness—despite Trump’s tweets designed to discredit Black Lies Matter and engender racial suspicion and hatred—our people largely reject his divisive evil. So long as protesters maintain the moral high ground, and eschew unwarranted violence, our country as a great nation will inevitably win in the end. Not even dedicated evil can bring our country down, unless we let it.

I’ve always been a writer—and just under the radar. The short story leading to this website is the best I have ever written, but then I was fired up over the devastation wrought by the past three and a half years. I hope What Happens When Trump Goes to Hell will be forever be etched to the legacy of Donald Trump. He deserves it.

A final note. Below I am shamelessly pushing my novel, Evil Blessing.

Give it a chance, will you?

George Hern wasn’t sure when she came to his bed.
George Hern wasn’t sure when she came to his bed. She was the trace of an entity first, then a growing substance with the consistency of yielding flesh, the flesh of a sensuous woman who moment by moment formed a soft hand on the hard muscle of his arm, forming itself like a tender mold as though to remember the feel of him forever.

Her mouth hovered a fraction above his skin and that was when he lost it, suddenly flipping over to give this magnificent creature the kiss of her life. There was an instant when he held her but saw the deep shadows of his room and nothing else.

And then the woman was gone.
And then the woman was gone. The bed rose with the loss of her weight and the sheet fell on account of her vacancy. A bubble of trapped air remained at his feet, puffing up the fabric . . .

Become Obsessed – Evil Blessing

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