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George Hern wasn’t sure when she came to his bed.
George Hern wasn’t sure when she came to his bed. She was the trace of an entity first, then a growing substance with the consistency of yielding flesh, the flesh of a sensuous woman who moment by moment formed a soft hand on the hard muscle of his arm, forming itself like a tender mold as though to remember the feel of him forever.

Her mouth hovered a fraction above his skin and that was when he lost it, suddenly flipping over to give this magnificent creature the kiss of her life. There was an instant when he held her but saw the deep shadows of his room and nothing else.

And then the woman was gone.
And then the woman was gone. The bed rose with the loss of her weight and the sheet fell on account of her vacancy. A bubble of trapped air remained at his feet, puffing up the fabric . . .

Become Obsessed – Evil Blessing

While ordinary stop gambling publications are a dime a dozen, Beat the Gambling Obsession takes a different path and is proven to work
… proven to work
. No longer are gamblers forced to rely on willpower. Let this clearly written book be your step-by-step guide to a completely new life, a life where you are normal again, able to enjoy gaming as a recreational player.
You can live as a person free from the obsession!
You can live as a person free from the obsession!

Beat_the_Gambling_Ob_Cover_for_KindleThe key is to redirect your compulsion within a safe environment, wagering without losses to your hearts content as you discover for yourself the true nature of gambling. Learn how the triggers of gaming, the influences that seek to destroy you, can be turned to your advantage.

Reclaim your life now before the misery gets even worse.

Beat the Obsession Now

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